Gluteus Exercises for Runners

Building mileage and your endurance is important as a runner. But strength training is also important to incorporate to keep you injury free! Our gluteal muscles or buttocks muscles are especially important to strengthen to help keep good pelvic and lower extremity alignment during our running miles. Here are some great go-to exercises that can kickstart your glute training! Feel free to reach out to your PT or give us a call if you have questions regarding your running performance. 

Clamshell: Lie on your side and bend your knees to 90 degrees. Keep your back straight and feet aligned with your back. Keeping your heels together, position your feet in a “V” position and lift your top knee while squeezing your glutes. Hold this position for the instructed amount of time. Be careful NOT to roll your hips back when performing this exercise.  

Sidelying hip abduction isometric: Lie on your side with your hips and knees straight. Support your neck with your arm or a pillow. You may bend the knee of your bottom leg for more support. While keeping your core tight, lift your top leg up and back without rolling your hips open. Hold this position for the instructed amount of time. Repeat as directed.


Wall Push: Standing on one leg, bend one knee to approximately 90 degrees, pressing bent knee against wall, standing leg is unlocked. Keep pelvis level, core tight. With both hips facing forward, move the bent knee outward (as if you are performing a clamshell in standing). Try to push both knees apart, you will feel the pressure in BOTH buttocks. Hold this position for the instructed amount of time.  Repeat as directed. 


Resisted Side Steps: Begin standing with an exercise band looped around your thighs just above the knee. Keeping your knees slightly bent, step your foot out to the side. Slowly follow with the opposite foot. Make sure to keep your feet pointed forward and your knees in line with your heels with each step. Change directions.


If you have any pain during these exercises, stop and contact your physical therapist. 
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