Pilates At Peak

Pilates is offered at Peak in both group classes and individual sessions.  Joseph Pilates originally developed Pilates with 34 exercises. This is the program taught at most ballet based programs.  The method taught at Peak is the APPI method (Australian Physiotherapy and Pilates Institute). APPI modified these exercises to improve safety and effectiveness to the general population.  This method has incorporated the most recent research on how we move and function as people in modern society with increasingly more sedentary lifestyles. The APPI method has reviewed the evidence around low back pain, chronic injuries, muscle imbalance, movement adaptation and impairments, exercise physiology and more to create the most comprehensive Pilates program available.  One of the greatest beauties of the program is that each exercise has been broken down into levels such that each individual may perform the exercise at the level best suited to their body (fitness level, previous/present injury). The exercises may therefore be gentle or strenuous.  

At Peak we have a certified APPI instructor who is also a physical therapist.  We hold group classes twice weekly and individual sessions by appointment. Please call for class times.

“Genevieve has been helping me with my chronic lower back problem over the last few years.  I am stronger and feel better today because of her. She is knowledgeable, patient and compassionate. …..This class is effective, safe and fun.   Because of Genevieve’s professional background, I know I’m in good hands. She constantly and consistently reminded us of what to focus on for each movement and how to correctly carry out each exercise.  There are always different levels that one can do with each exercise, based on each individual’s capabilities and limitations. And she varies the content of each class to work on different parts of the body. I highly recommend Genevieve’s Pilates classes! “

Jennifer N

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