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The Peak Advantage

Peak Physical Therapy is proud to rise a level above what other clinics and individual athletic trainers can offer. Both our therapists and our treatments meet a unique standard unmatched in our field. We listen to YOU to learn what’s important to you and help you remain active and return to the things you love by putting you in control of your injury and recovery.

Services That We Provide

All Peak physical therapists enjoy a distinct combination of academic, professional and athletic achievements.

At Peak, we are able to provide insight, treatment and service unlike any other physical therapy and rehabilitation practice thanks to a unique pairing of distinguished therapists and productive treatment. We know athletes and proven therapy because we are athletes and proven therapists. That is the Peak Advantage.

Likewise, Peak prides itself on providing uniquely effective and efficient evidence based rehabilitation and physical therapy treatments.


  • Peak therapists hold advanced certifications in orthopedics, sports and Pilates.

  • Every Peak therapist regularly participates in continuing education, keeping their skills current.

  • All Peak therapists have an athletic background in activities such as marathons, Ironman triathlons, college athletics or Pilates.

  • We offer one-hour treatments.

  • Our highly qualified physical therapists will design an individualized program specifically addressing the patient’s diagnosis, needs and goals.  All manual treatments are performed exclusively by our physical therapists

We Are One of the Top Physical Therapy facilities in Your Area.

What Our Patients Say 

Peak Physical Therapy
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Fu Ying Lee-LamFu Ying Lee-Lam
02:38 21 Mar 24
Garrett is the best ! He’s very experienced, knowledgeable , and skilled.All the staff are very helpful , cordial and professional . The overall atmosphere is very relaxed . I would recommend this place c for PT.
Joie ZhouJoie Zhou
07:53 09 Mar 24
I'm so happy I went to Peak Physical Therapy! I strained a muscle weightlifting and was scared I wouldn't be able to go back in the gym for a long time as it hurt for months. Kevin was able to diagnose the root cause, fix my weightlifting form, and help me quickly gain back my strength without pain! I'm especially grateful for how comfortable he made the process; you can tell he really cares about his work. The front desk operators were also very nice. I recommend this PT clinic to everyone!!
Simon TengSimon Teng
02:39 09 Mar 24
Tim CTim C
02:49 09 Feb 24
Highly professional yet very friendly staff. They are experts in helping you get better. The facility is large and well equipped and well ventilated. I highly recommend Peak.
Dale BoehmDale Boehm
13:24 08 Feb 24
Marina KhesinaMarina Khesina
03:47 02 Dec 23
I have visited Peak Physical Therapy from June till beginning of September 2023. Alex Liang was the physical therapist worked with me. He is very knowledgeable and experience physical therapist. His exercises helped me to reduce the knee pain and I am noticeably stronger in areas that I didn’t know how to activate!
Lily ShenLily Shen
04:34 14 Nov 23
I was not a believer of physical therapy. Had quite a few different ones before for different pain. All they did was to tell me to do a bunch of exercises, then go home and do more exercises. None of them worked, and some made the pain worse. But here at Peak's, they made me a believer. Kevin is great. He's very patient and did a detailed evaluation on my first visit. Then he spends time to loosen up my pained areas every time I go, followed by whatever exercises I could handle. Then heated electric stimulation. All of these have helped. I went from being on wheelchair/using a walker to now, I can walk on my own! The staff there is super nice and helpful too. You would never be sitting/standing there for more than a second waiting for the next step. And the ladies at the front do their best to help you get scheduled as early as possible. They are busy (but worth the wait) I would recommend all my friends to come here if they need physical therapy. I am very happy I found them.
jaurein layonjaurein layon
05:51 06 Nov 23
It's been a 10/10 experience for me at Peak Physical Therapy! I started doing pt sessions at this clinic mid-September. Since then, I've seen 4 different physical therapists (Michelle, Genevieve, Alex, and Kevin) due to scheduling conflict on my end. Each of them have been so gracious, empathic, and very supportive of my treatment plan. I was feeling somewhat hopeless after having to deal with the effects of wearing the camboot for 6 weeks. Fast forward to being under Peak's care for 7 weeks now, I'm feeling more mobile, confident, and efficient in performing my daily tasks as a Preschool Teacher. I also have a better understanding of how my body works and do feel well-informed of what I ought to do in case a familiar pain within the area of my injury comes to surface. The therapists do such a great job making their patients take part in their healing journey through an informative care plan approach. I was wondering why I ended up having to call 6 different PT places within my area and not get someone to pick up my call until the last one - PEAK. I'm so thankful God led me here and allow these amazing therapists help me get back on my feet!!

Frequently Asked Questions

What do Physical Therapists do?

The cornerstones of Physical Therapy treatment are therapeutic exercise and functional training. Physical Therapists educate patients to take care of themselves and to perform certain exercises on their own. Depending on the particular needs of a patient, Physical Therapists may also perform a variety of manual treatments that may include massage, joint mobilizations, stretching, deep tissue mobilization and functional mobilizations.Physical Therapists also use many different modalities, such as ultrasound, interferential stimulation, iontophoresis, cold laser, biofeedback, Game Ready cold compression, mechanical traction, hot packs and ice.

Why is Physical Therapy a good choice?

More than half of all Americans are suffering from pain. Whether it is acute pain or chronic pain, there’s a ton of evidence showing that pain in America is a widespread problem that commonly results in sick days from work, and can be a precursor to opioid use and dependency. However, many do not even know that Physical Therapists are well equipped to not only manage pain but also find its source.

Physical Therapists are experts at treating movement and neuro-musculoskeletal disorders. Pain often accompanies a movement disorder, and Physical Therapists can help correct the disorder and relieve the pain.

Why should I choose a private practice Physical Therapist?

Would you prefer treatment from a Physical Therapist (PT) who works for a physician or one that owns a private practice? We leave it up to you to draw your own conclusions but here are some facts from three different studies:

Results indicate there were more treatments, and the cost was greater for those patients that attended a physician-owned Physical Therapy practice vs. private physical therapy practice (visits per patient were 39% to 45% higher in physician-owned clinics; and both gross and net revenue per patient were 30% to 40% higher in physician-owned clinics).
Results indicate that licensed and non-licensed Physical Therapy providers spent less time with each patient in physician-owned clinics, and more often, Physical Therapy Assistants were substituted for Physical Therapists.
Results concluded that “Therapists who had treated patients through Direct Access were significantly more likely to believe that Direct Access had benefited them professionally and benefited their patients than were Therapists who had not practiced through Direct Access.”

As Professionals, we believe we can provide you with the highest quality of care available and do it in a cost-effective manner. You will work closely with your Physical Therapist and your treatment will be managed by the same Physical Therapist from the beginning to the end of your experience with us.


Mitchell, J., Scott, E., Physician Ownership of Physical Therapy Services: Effects on Charges, Utilization, Profits, and Service Characteristics, Journal of the American Medical Association, 1992.
“Joint Ventures Among Health Care Providers in Florida,” State of Florida Health Care Cost Containment Board, 1991.
Federal Office of the Inspector General May 1, 2006 – This report calls into question billing processes done by non-physical therapist owned practices.

Domholdt E, Durchholz AG. Direct access use by experienced therapists in states with direct access. Phys Ther. 1992 Aug;72(8):569-74.

Is Physical Therapy painful?

For many patients, one of the primary objectives is pain relief. This is frequently accomplished with hands-on techniques and modalities such as ultrasound, electrical stimulation, and/or heat or cold therapy. Movement often provides pain relief as well. Your Physical Therapist will provide you with the appropriate exercises not only for pain relief, but to recover range of motion, strength, and endurance.

In some cases, Physical Therapy techniques can be painful. For example, recovering knee range of motion after total knee replacement, or shoulder range of motion after shoulder surgery, may be painful. Your Physical Therapist will utilize a variety of techniques to help maximize your treatment goals. It is important that you communicate the intensity, frequency, and duration of pain to your Therapist. Without this information, it is difficult for the Physical Therapist to adjust your treatment plan.

Can my Physical Therapist provide me with a diagnosis?

In most states, physical therapists cannot make a medical diagnosis. This is something that your physician will provide for you. While physical therapists are important members of your medical team, physicians are typically the healthcare providers that will provide you with a medical diagnosis.

Is my Physical Therapist licensed?

Physical Therapists (PTs) and Physical Therapist Assistants (PTAs) are licensed by their respective states.

Are services available for those who don't speak English?

Yes, we have a physical therapist that is fluent in Mandarin

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