Whether you are a pro-runner, a beginner or somewhere in between, preparation for your next race is key! Take a look at these tips for before the race and on race day to ensure you have a fun and successful race!


Prior to race

  • Do not try on new clothing, shoes, nutrition on race day.  Practice using these before the race
  • Practice your nutrition and hydration intake on longer training runs in preparation for race day. Frequency, timing, type of nutrition and hydration are all important to consider.
  • Sleep is super important when training.  Get 8+ hours of sleep per night.  It is important to get plenty of sleep the week prior to a race.  Don’t worry about the night before the race. Nervousness and excitement may make it difficult to sleep.  If you got rest prior, you should be fine. 
  • Make sure you locate where the starting line is, hydration stations and any bathrooms throughout the route. 
  • Stop strength training and decrease training intensity 2 weeks prior to race day. Tapering is important! Keep runs short, run at a comfortable pace (save race pace for race day!), and continue to stretch/foam roll.


Race day!

  • Dynamic warm up! Wake those muscles up with active warm up prior to the run (drills i.e. high knees, butt kicks, jumping jacks, toe taps, etc). This can also help shake off some pre-run jitters!
  • If you are in a lull and need help picking up your pace during your race, try increasing your arm swing.  Your legs will follow what your arms do.
  • Find your “reason.” What are you running for? What made you show up in the first place? Is there any reason or person you are inspired by that you are running for?
  • Cool down afterwards. This is time to relish being done! Be sure to do before the true celebration starts. Slow jog for 5-10 minutes (enjoy it and take your running bud along with you!), static stretching, and/or foam rolling if you have a foam roller with you. 


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