TMJ Dysfunction

Physical Therapy for Jaw Pain / TMD (temporomandibular disorders)

A physical therapist with specialized training in the treatment of TMD can make a significant impact to your TMD symptoms.  TMD symptoms may include: jaw pain, jaw fatigue, difficulty opening the jaw, ringing in the ears, dizziness, headache, popping in the jaw, neck pain, locking jaw.

We have a high success rate with helping patients to get better quickly.  Your treatment will address the root problems, improve movement and function, reduce pain, and give you the tools to manage TMJ symptoms on your own if they come up again.

The goal is restoration of function for oral health, eating, speaking, yawning, and reduction of muscle tension in the head and neck that may be causing related headaches and ringing in the ears.

Treatment may include exercises for the jaw and spine, massage, stretches, and modalities such as ultrasound, phonophoresis, iontophoresis, laser, electrical stimulation, heat, ice.

“My TMJ disorder is healed! To me, that is nothing short of a miracle. I thought I was going to have to live in pain for the rest of my life, and since I plan on being around a while longer, it’s nice to live without pain! Every day, my back gets stronger, and my new posture gets a little bit easier. I attribute all of this improvement to the fact that Genevieve took the time to look at me (how seldom people do this for each other) and notice that I was sitting and standing crooked! And then took the steps to help me fix this! I am so grateful for your wisdom, kindness, patience and skill!”

Laura H.

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