At Peak Physical Therapy, we are experts at analyzing human movement and biomechanics. Our bike fits are unique not only because of the time we take to look at you and help you attain your goals, but because our bike fitters are physical therapists. We specialize in getting a complete look at the way your body moves, assessing your strength, flexibility, balance, range of motion, coordination and your complete medical history.

We also understand that bike adjustments alone will not alleviate pain or improve performance. Particularly for clients who present strength and flexibility issues, our thorough examination will help us determine which exercises and stretches will best help you attain your goals.

This is the total analysis and fitting system that sets Peak apart from bike shops and other outfitters.

After a few attempts to get my bike fit right, the shop guys told me to visit a “real” bike fitter, someone who could dial in the fit based on the exact needs of my body. I went to Garrett because I already trusted his expertise as a triathlete and PT. He used a Computrainer to assess my current power levels – but more than that, he checked my flexibility and assessed muscle weakness, both of which were impacting getting the exact fit that I needed. When I rode my bike a few days later, I was able to do my first long ride since I'd gotten the bike. No knee pain, no quad fatigue, no calf strain, no numbness in the nether region. My bike and I are friends finally!

Kathy H.


Whether you want to increase comfort, decrease aches or pains, increase efficiency or improve handling, our primary focus is to listen to you and do a bike fit that meets your goals.

We use a Computrainer to help us analyze your individual cycling mechanics and efficiency. The Computrainer attaches to your bike and measures cadence, as well as pedal stroke efficiency and power output in both legs together and individually. Not only can it see if one leg is working more than the other, but also if you use your hamstrings and quads equally, to help us determine what position you will get the most out of.

A Peak bike fit entails:
  • Professional fit aimed at pain reduction and healing
  • Body / biomechanical assessment
  • Pedal mechanic analysis
  • Cleat adjustment
  • Seat positioning
  • Handlebar placement
  • Posture and alignment instruction
  • Exercises to improve comfort and speed healing
  • Fits usually last 1.5-2 hours